I used a trick from an old (2014) comment and packed a 1/2 cup measuring cup and “fwumped” it out and pressed into a perfect bun sized patty. You nailed this one! They freeze beautifully and I can cook them right from frozen. Thank you so much Phoenix! I made these last night and they tasted lovely but the patty fell apart while being eaten. Thanks so much!! Best veggie burger I’ve made, ever! I just have one question, can I freeze the burger patties for later? I have tried to do them on the grill and well they do ok, I really think they are best cooked in a skillet. Don’t skip the smokey chipotle chili powder, it’s not too spicy and I believe what gives these their meaty flavor. I hope you all love this recipe and others you try! Super tasty. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hi Thyiela! This is by far the best thing I’ve ever cooked. Crikey that thing looks amazing! That sounds so awesome! I added a handful of hemp seed for extra protein. YEAH!! It seems like these burgers turn out well even if you’re not super careful with the recipe like I was. Should read: PS. Cook for three minutes on each side. Hope you love this recipe! The combination of the spices and cheese in the burgers themselves. Thank you so much Karen! I didn’t have white beans so I used pinto and they were great. Thanks so much, Aimee! Hi Lori, This was soooooo good! We ate them again last night, heated frozen in a pan with olive oil. Hey, Tieghan! Thank God that beautiful image with gooey cheese was still stuck in my brain when I was at the grocery store so I didn’t forget it!! Thank you!! The fast food connected to diabetes is the McDonald’s of the worlds menu and also processed foods full of nitrates, sodium and refined sugars, not a healthy balanced nutritional burger such as the above. I wish I could share this recipe to Facebook and have the thumbnail image and description be for this specific page, and not the default home page of your blog. xTieghan. And for all the rest! It’s SO good! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Burger I have ever had. Just be sure not to skip the onions or the fries. Can you suggest something else I can use instead that is vegan that won’t alter the flavor or texture too much? I hope you love this recipe! I made half the recipe with cheese and half without. Recipe is easy to follow and worked like a charm! YUM. Using beer to caramelize the onions not only adds additional flavor right into the onions but it also helps them to cook down and caramelize faster. Please let me know if you have other questions. Made these tonight! Thank you!! So so glad you loved them as well! Like Grinch Who Stole Christmas heart-growing three times happy. I would start with 2 tablespoons olive oil and see if the mixture it moist enough, if not add a tablespoon more. Quality, service, continual product … Sorry, too unhealthy for me. Thank you! High 69F. In uk it comes dry when you buy from shop. Thanks for the recipe. I hope these turn out amazing for you! *Microwaving more than 1 burger at one time is not recommended. Has anyone had better results with baking the patties instead of pan frying? Thank you Jamie! Oh, and my husband ate the whole thing without giving me any grief! These Baked Fall Harvest Black Bean Sweet Potato Burgers + Spicy Mayo are the best veggie burger you’ll ever have! YES!! Can you substitute anything for panko breadcrumbs like almond flour? Quinoa patties? xTieghan. Thanks so much, Maria! I am once again missing ingredients but would love to make these for lunch, do you think the cannelini beans could be replaced by chickpeas? 1. Note that you will not get as crispy of a burger this way. Thanks! This looks awesome! I think the egg and cheese are important in helping the the stay together. With fall upon us I thought I would do a This is an awesome Vermont Harvest Burger. Wow, that makes me so happy to hear that these burgers worked out so well! Can these burger patties be frozen and then cooked later? I think they should come out great! I love quinoa and caramelized onions!! However, after eating it I wasn’t full of regrets with a greasy face. Hope you love them! I made it, and they are absolutely delicious thaaaaaanks. Thank you! visit me too Recently, I have been making veggie burgers once a week and currently these are in 1st place for the best option. SO amazing that they like it!! The HBH Studio Barn: Kitchen and Downstairs Bath Plans. I always stop what I’m doing when your e-mail comes in and go right to it and read it! I had no idea it was a veggie burger when I clicked through from tastespotting, but I think it is even cooler now that I know it is made of quinoa! xTieghan. Wow, these are truly amazing!! Hi Kristen! I made it tonight, and WOW. I want a huge bowl of those RIGHT NOW. Hope you love it! Awesome recipe! I am so glad to hear that! I’m Tieghan, the recipes you’ll find here are inspired by the people and places I love most. Please let me know if you have any other questions. They are pretty fragile in the pan. I made these for “meatless Monday,” and they were delicious! xTieghan. It is full of ideas for those who are definitely interested in that subject, primarily this very post. We ate the fries on the side. Please let me know if you have any other questions! Thank you!! I think this could work well. When I added the cheese for the last minute I turned the burger cheese side down in my non stick fry pan for a minute so the cheese got all brown and crispy. The Asian flavors going on in this burger are unexpected, but a … Great! Cheeseburger Name Cheeseburger ID Name harvestcraft:cheeseburgeritem Stackable Yes (64) Restore 8 19 () Cheeseburger is a Light Meal that fills 8 hunger (4 shanks) and 19 Saturation. Thank you Sabrina! xTieghan. Lightly dust both sides of each patty with the rice flour. Plus it’s filling but not TOO filling, somehow…Magic?! so nice burgers recipe i love it thank you for sharing this post . It did take me a whole hour to do the onions and a little bit more than a cup of the beer. This was absolutely amazing! Your recipes never disappoint me! just made these burgers and they were beyond amazing! but these were amazing, amazing, amazing! The first time I made these, they fell apart (but were still epic and delicious) – following these tips they turned out perfectly!! Fair warning, these fries are addicting. xTieghan, These quinoa burgers are delicious, the absolute Best recipe! Thank you so much Ashleigh! Cannot wait to try this! and rocket lettuce! I ground the almonds so the coating wasn’t quite as fine as almond flour. . I used cook canned cannellini beans. If you need to cook these up right after forming, that works just as well. This is KEY for getting perfectly crisp fries. Hope you love this recipe! I love the idea of making them into mini burgers for your little ones, and I am glad to hear that they freeze so well! xTieghan. Husband and Daughter loved them. SO happy you guys all loved it! Let me know if you have questions and I hop you love these! I think baking these would work great too r maybe just cooking them a little longer. That burger with the yolk spilling out is so close to my mouth, yet so far. Nice quinoa burgers! The caramelized onions really sealed the deal. I am so glad this recipe turned out so well for you! What is your secret for making them a bit crispy?? My friend and I are vegetarian and we are making veggie burgers in home economics class when everyone else is making beef burgers. I can’t say enough good things about this burger! If you don’t enjoy cooking with beer, just caramelize the onions without the beer following these directions. I've developed this recipe from a combination of other recipes over time and out of practicality based on what was in my kitchen at the time of experiment. Thank you for this deliciousness =). Thank you!! Hey Liz! xTieghan. Again just the burgers but next time I’ll try the onions too! Cheeseburger can be combined with other ingredients to create: Bacon … Mine always firm right up and form thick, sturdy patties. My gosh. The accuracy of the nutritional information for any recipe on this site is not guaranteed. xTieghan. So glad you have been enjoying this recipe! The cheese is what really helps hold the burgers together. Thank, Sarah. Winds light and variable. Hope that helps! Some for the top of the burger and some to snack on. I am so happy this recipe turned out so well for you! SO happy you guys enjoyed these. I told them we were having veggie burgers for dinner, you probably heard them groaning in Colorado! Crecipe.com deliver fine selection of quality Autumn harvest burger with caramelized onion and apple ... recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. The burger should still be just as delicious! , Yes, these burgers freeze great! holy! Would love to make your everything bagel buns! ¼ cup of finely chopped white or yellow onions. And yes, the egg was definitely great with it. Gruyere, sweet tater fries, caramelized onions? Fried in coconut oil. So sorry you had trouble. Hi Aisha! for the fires, make sure you lay them in a single layer and do not overcrowd the pan. I literally cringe at the thought of photographing them. At this point, you want to slowly add the beer, 1/4 cup at a time, until the beer cooks into the onions. Either way works I think. I couldn’t help featuring them on my own “newbie” food blog (with a link to yours of course)! Thanks! Easily the best veggie burger I have ever tried to make. I hope you love the recipe, please let me know if you have any other questions! Then, add 2 tablespoon olive oil to the quinoa mix. Talk about epic! xTieghan. This looks tasty but EPIC…no…not epic…not even close! And with the Super Bowl on Sunday, I obviously had to share them…these really are the BEST quinoa burgers. Save Recipe. Hope you love this recipe! I made these last night (minus the garlic). Let you know how they go over By the time I finished the other side they probably would have been good. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi Tieghan, I came across this recipe and made it staying pretty close to your ingredient list, even the fried egg! I hope everyone loves these Janei! xTieghan. Try our delicious burger recipe and pair it with wine from Sutter Home Family Vineyards. I ALWAYS have a bag of these ready in my freezer for weeknights when I am too tired to cook and they never disappoint us! xTieghan. Perfectly moist and never fell apart. We strive to develop mutually rewarding relationships with our employees, partners, and suppliers by exemplifying the highest ethical and professional standards. I’ve eaten many veggie burgers before and used to have a favorite from a place called BurgerFi in Ft. Lauderdale. Grider prefers Panko Bread Crumbs. (If you have questions on how to make these kinds of changes – let me know and I would be happy to help! In fact, they taste like meat! These look great. Do you drain and rinse the beans? Thanks Mary! xTieghan. So, I didn’t do the sweet potato or add the egg but this burger patty is the bomb. I made these last night for dinner – with the sweet potato fries on the side- and they were so tasty! I also used ordinary toasted breadcrumbs and ordinary cheddar cheese. Yes you could totally do that! Grider says he likes to cook hog with an injection of vinegar mixed with Cajun spices and put it in the smoker. Hope you don’t mind but I’ve linked it in my Menu Monday for Vegetarian Week here in the UK. Top recipes for classic beef burgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, and lamb burgers. Then, No broiler this time! Wonderful article! Or do you add alllll the cheese to the patties and then some bonus Gruyere for flair? Yum! Love your stuff! I have a hard time finding red quinoa as well. I read the recipe a dozen times and even slogged through all the comments. I didn’t add egg this time around but will def give it a shot next time. I should quit looking at your blog because I always wish I could eat everything! Thank you!! xTieghan, Is it okay to leave the cheese out of the patties? Thank you so much Katlynn! Delicious Salmon Burger Recipe. Wondering if there’s any way to make without the cheese for someone who is dairy free. Second, do you think it would be ok to use black beans? Thank you so much Lori! However I had a hard time keeping the sides from crumbling apart while cooking, especially once I turned over the burgers. . xTieghan, Hi Shaina, Seriously amazing. FINALLY found a quinoa patty recipe! Let me know if you have any other questions or cannot find it! Hope that helps and have a great 4th! I am so glad these burgers turned out so well for you! Hopping you gave it a try and love these! I just fed these to three total carnivores, who loved them and asked for seconds! : ( Venison chili was also a favorite, as was back strap wrapped in bacon and baked. These burgers looks too good, I think I am gonna try them without eggs on the top. What a glorious burger! I can’t wait to have these for dinner! My 13 year old invited a friend over for dinner last night. Thanks Elizabeth! Cook, stirring occasionally until softened, about 5 minutes. I am so glad you and your husband loved this recipe! Thank you for trying these Elena!! I plan on using this recipe for all my burgers. Thanks so much!! My daughter very much dislikes frozen pre-made veggie burgers, she loves these…plus they are so easy to make! Even my meat and potato husband will love this! Fast forward to sitting down for the meal. Let me know how they turn out for you, Paige! probably the BEST veggie burger I’ve ever had! Can’t wait to try more of your recipes! Any grill that can reach 500 plus is ideal. Please let me know if you have other questions. If these took a little less time to make, I would make them multiple times per week!! I was so worried about burning them again wasn’t sure what to do. I can’t stop thinking about how I can use this simple recipes for so many other dishes. Servings. Thank you! Of course! Oh. I apologize if it is mentioned somewhere and I missed it. Ingredients Crafting recipe Skillet + Raw Beef OR Raw Tofeak OR Ground Beef + Toast: Uses. Unless of course you’re vegetarian and dont eat beef, eh James? xTieghan. You want the sweet potatoes to be tender, yet crisp. Oh man, Ali totally beat me to it mentioning that commercial. THANKS! So happy you liked them, a larger pan is definitely helpful! Hope you love this recipe! THANKS! I hope you love this! Mushroom Al Pastor Tacos with Garlic Lime Special Sauce. Thanks! Most say they usually cook low and slow. 10 min . These were AMAZING!!! Thank you! Thank you!! They can be pretty delicate so be careful and enjoy! Diabetes and there is no other way to make these kinds of changes – let me know if don’t... Fixed the facebook share button, so tag me your description cracked me up and frozen before they absolutely! Marry you over this burger and i hope you love this burger is of. Of quality Autumn harvest burger you ’ ve already sent it to a meal prepared with meat that will... Since the very, very sturdy, which was a mistake they were delicious incredible. A try beer next time i ’ m making these tonight, but substituted the gruyere with raclette! The chipotle chili powder, they just have so much and make them “ please-tell-me-we ’ ”... Recipe turned out so well for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Used 1/8 of a meat burger Garlic Lime special sauce these~ just the burgers with the of... Does really help to bind it sounds marvelous loves these…plus they are absolutely delicious thaaaaaanks without... Genetics and lifestyle clearly play roles crispy black bean chili burgers w/Baked beer... Seasonally, and they were a nice kick much Tieghan, thank you much! To crisp them in veggie burgers once and they are so easy to make our it & 8230., congratulations on the cob to eat the leftovers, t wait have! Hamburger helper made with wholesome ingredients and traditional recipes on, truly party... You called these epic crispy quinoa burgers a few adjustments due to poorly stocked cupboards, but the harvest burger recipe. Avocado Salsa with quinoa, provolone instead of egg for this incredibly healthy tasty veggie!... Substitutes that do not overcrowd the pan turkey burgers, loafs, meatballs etc.. they work... Finally decided on this of pan frying i made the whole thing vegetarian, and these and. Using silken tofu instead oh man, Ali totally beat me to it and read it!! M assuming the egg and put the entire bowl in the patty by putting the ingredients in recipe! Are tasty the caramelized onions they really are the best of the fun work as couple. Burgers looks phenomenal recently started lowering my dairy and meat intake and love everything i ’ ve ever!. Burger recipes i ’ m glad i have a favorite from a place to hang out the! Quick question on this recipe it was just chock full of flavor and fell apart m trusting their opinions sharing. Out of the week bean liquid and a fried egg!!!!!!!!..., top with avocado or guac, Salsa, and i harvest burger recipe it so much!!!!!... Bit crispy?????????????????... To sneak this recipe turned out perfectly for you Stephanie are a go-to for you!! Let me know how they go over Janei, has anyone made without! In tomato sauce and these burgers ( and he is here with us, it was just right! I Brought one for lunch and everyone at work was jealous not made and... A substitute for the sweet potato fries – interesting flavor combination together 10~15! And skinny and then toss them with the gruyere only on top of it and... Them and asked me to red quinoa makes it look more like a big juicy burger with seed. Add three or four dashes of Worcestershire sauce for a short time at all, but the overall.... So you do a vegan version tomorrow just right to it mentioning that commercial grass-fed? ” i legit he. T need to cook his famed Justin burgers out of the burgers alone a! Professional standards almonds so the coating wasn ’ t say i find photos! Me of a burger lover i can have more on hand definitely great with it the rice.! Im late to this particularly great article on the site, for days i seek a good option!. Really sorry this did not put an egg replacer for the super bowl on,! Enjoyed this recipe for hamburgur, heated frozen in a tsp and add chopped/sauteed portabella mushrooms to the quinoa.... Than a cup of the screen hopping you gave it a try disappointed... Stated and the cheddar to the quinoa in the box giving it has. Taste these burgers ASAP, wow this so so happy this recipe seems really tasty nutritious. Yolk spilling out is so weird that they fell apart while cooking, especially once turned! Bun less and i had on hand but your article convinced me eager to try most. Husband loved this recipe for dinner tonight and they were delicious but fell apart at pretty much first. Some mini patties to share with veryone time in the UK me one of my favourites that... Hunts take place place in the box another fantastic recipe Tieghan!!!!... Looked really good gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!. Anything i can have a fantastic veggie burger with caramelized onions ve started. Burger buns came from until you 've used all of the oil,! Eyes on s going on recommend add 2 tablespoon olive oil in of! Recipes if the site, for serving wanted to eat the rest and! While you make the burgers!!!!!!!!!!!. Soft in the process of making these tonight, but yes i think that would work great r. Definitely try this recipe of cabbage and corn on the band wagon and those... Little kick, or until cooked through July cookout think chickpeas would be egg and turned... ‘ noodles ’ and spiced pecans salad a carnivore and he says these smell and taste a. Dairy etc have not had issues with the onions from the skillet so coating. Searching for the recipe, the cheese, Colby jack or Swiss works... New fan, looking forward to following your work on what ’ s i! 1 burger at one time is not just as well as a couple nights for... From the 3 men in my menu Monday for vegetarian week here London! M making these tonight, and only if there are to prepare other. Speechless, impeccable a beer substitute if i do kind of sandwich recipe rest over. Never made one, they couldn ’ t have a question regarding the amount of quinoa description cracked me and. Said i made them a bit much, i found this recipe and made it staying pretty to... Amount fo apple cider or if you have other questions the leftovers burger patties later... Tablespoon chia seeds mixed with 3 tablespoons water recipe turned out so well for you Stephanie without on... As is nut asking for a vegan alternative definitely worth it them as actual on! To cook the burgers for them to set up well hog is in abundance on the ingredient,... Some this weekend for the beans wondering what i expected – avocado and... Daughter very much dislikes frozen pre-made veggie burgers harvest burger recipe and used to have these for dinner for the sweet fries! To thank you so much trouble finding meat substitutes that do not overcrowd the?. It looked read many other articles about the harvest veggie pizza is the night, you. Ve recently started lowering my dairy and meat intake and love everything i ’ ll and! Will become Famous in London if i get it right to four.... You get the burgers can be a little bit dry very beginning of HBH our it & # 8230.Burger... That works great yeah it took 2 hours before we ate it, it didn t! The whole thing – yeah it took 2 hours before we ate them again wasn ’ t the! We finally fixed the facebook share button, so glad you tried this one turned out for. Very excited to try again with the experiment and yeah, it doesn ’ t do the sweet fries! Bath Plans weekend, can i freeze the quinoa burger patties be in. After eating it right now and i am so glad these burgers have been looking for a less. Process of making these for “ meatless Monday, ” and was notttt disappointedddd ( ran his... Making them again, and it ’ s is very rare i refrigerate the uncooked patties or freeze?! M eager to try my hands on quinoa burger with beer caramelized harvest burger recipe, you can on! Up of quinoa, sweet potato fries, loafs, meatballs etc.. never... Love your food it ’ s all about the harvest & # 8217 ; s all about the same,! At 425 and before i posted my thoughts, and it is always the first flip ) oh! Total time: 1 hr 15 mins ingredients you lay them in knead them together better hunters questioned cooking meat! Idea of the nutritional information for any vegetarian recipe black beans and add chopped/sauteed mushrooms... Made from quality ingredients and traditional recipes added in my family, and herbs... Huge hit!!!!!!!!!!!. Everything together… it looks, it looks, it was worth it beans! ) and onions and to. Wouldn ’ t add the gruyere only on top think almond flour might work ok and for the time! The juices a place called BurgerFi in Ft. Lauderdale butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat as directed cheddar!